Preventative Maintenance 

Generally, down comforters and pillows should be shaken out daily to restore their loft. With fixed construction comforters (i.e., baffle box and sewn-through boxes), the down will not move from outside its respective box during the shaking. When stripping the sheets off the bed, the consumer also may wish to fluff out the featherbed to give its loft back. Consumers can also tumble dry their down products to get some extra loft.

It is a great idea to protect a comforter, pillow, or feather bed with a fabric cover of some sort. Duvet covers for comforters, pillow protectors, and feather bed protectors are worthwhile investments that extend the life of down bedding significantly. Additionally, by using a duvet cover, the consumer is able to change the look of their bed, simply by changing the cover but keeping the same comforter. Use of 100% cotton duvet cover and pillow protector is strongly recommended. Never cut upholstery law labels that com sewn to your duvet or pillow.


Do not wash down and feather filled products as this could cause leaking of the fill. Best is to air the product outside on a nice summer day to refresh down and feather. If necessary, have your down bedding dry cleaned professionally, spot clean recommended. 

Misc. Facts 
  • Moths usually do not attack the down or feather filling-only the shells are susceptible (As all linens are).

  • Down and feathers have no pre-set time for spoilage-well treated they can last dozens of years.

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