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SmartCare Dual – A Smart Solution

We received many enquiries about choosing the right comforter for a couple who want different levels of warmth, and, after careful research and testing, we have developed a special solution for you - SmartCare Dual!

Smart and Comfort

Our SmartCare Dual has two different warmth weights on two sides. The heavier side provides more warmth for cold sleeper while the lighter side helps hot sleepers to wake up dry and cool. To accommodate the sleeping temperature for more customers, each product offers two warmth levels – Summer and All Season. A variety of combinations of thread count and fill power are also available for the specific fluffiness, softness, and budget that you prefer.

The SmartCare Dual is not only a clever way to provide dual warmth, but it also features all the benefits of our down comforter: high warmth-to-weight ratio, fluffy, soft, breathable, hypoallergenic, and quality assured. They are available in King and California King size so both of you can be fully covered to enjoy cloud-like sleep.

Sleep at your ideal temperature and wake up dry and fresh with your love under our SmartCare Dual now!

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