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  • Down-fill power (loft) and warmth?
    Filling power, or loft, is the ability of an ounce of down tested in a controlled environment to occupy space. High quality down has the ability to insulate very well if air is able to be trapped around the down filaments. ​ Down provides for an insulated and comfortable sleep in cold temperatures, but also contributes to a light and airy sleep in warm temperature, thanks to its breathable nature. The higher the fill power, the better the down is able to do this job. ​ Higher filling power, reflected in loft number, is an indicator of higher quality down, which ranges from about 500-800. Comforters with a fill count of 800 and higher are of superb quality, 700 and up are very good, and 600 and up are decent.
  • What is special about 100% Cotton Casing?
    Cotton is a breathable fabric that absorbs heat and moisture. It allows heat and perspiration to pass through the fabric to keep you cool in the warm weather and traps air between the fabric fibers and provide thermal insulation in the cold time. We use Egyptian cotton which is especially fine, soft and durable. Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, which is the reason why it is used in medical products. The high tensile strength makes it strong and less likely to rip or tear. Along with its down-proof design, it can provide years of comfort for many peaceful night's sleep if properly cared. Our duvets offer 5 options of size, from twin to super king, to make sure that they can fit in any bedrooms. Last but not least, our duvet casing has 4 corner ties which offers the option to put on your favourite duvet cover and secures the comforter in place.
  • How to Properly Use Down Comforter?
    Before using the down comforter for the first time, shake the down comforter vigorously for a few minutes to encourage lofting. Full lofting of your down comforter could take 24 hours to occur. When using your down comforter, your body heat will also enable more lofting to take place. Customers are advised to shake the down comforter weekly to retain its loft. ​ Caring for your down comforter is important as it will prolong the life of the down comforter and eliminate the need for frequent cleaning. The easiest approach is to use it together with a duvet cover. The cover will keep the comforter clean and reduce wear. It is also important to periodically air out your down comforter. Airing freshens your down comforter, and optimizes the insulating properties of the down.
  • Do you accept any return?
    Highland Feather Manufacturing Inc , will repair or exchange returned merchandises arising from manufacturing defects which were purchased from retailers only. All down products must be dry-cleaned prior to returning in addition to original purchase receipt.
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